A Guide to Replacement Ink Sacs for Vintage Fountain Pens

This catalog of replacement ink sacs for various makes and models of vintage fountain pens has been prepared by the owners of the Pen Sac Company in response to many requests from our customers over the past few years. It is the result of many hours of research into company Catalogs and Service Manuals, as well as experience gained in repairing pens in our own collections. One of the unique features of this listing that, in many instances, the sac recommended is the exact size and shape of the original fitted at the factory and manufactured on the same equipment and by the same process as the original. This enables collectors not merely to repair a pen so that it will hold ink, but to actually restore the filling mechanism to brand new condition. We believe that, as enthusiasts become more sophisticated and as pens become more valuable, an ill fitted sac will be as disagreeable as a replacement clip or lever box. The Pen Sac Company is pleased to make this material available, and hopes that it will, in a small way, contribute to your enjoyment of our mutual hobby.

Ink sacs are generally identified by shape and by size. The two basic shapes are straight sacs which are of constant diameter over their entire length, and necked sacs which become more narrow near the opening or mouth of the sac.

When available in an appropriate size, the necked sac is usually preferable, as it affords a somewhat tighter seal with the section, in some cases, such as, the larger Parker button fillers it is essential for the proper working of the filling mechanism.

A third shape is the tapered sac which becomes narrower toward the bottom end, forming a cone shape. Fortunately, these are encountered in only a few limited applications, such as the Eversharp Skyline and the Parker Aerometric filler units.

The size of a pen sac is designated by two numbers: the outside diameter or O.D., expressed in 64ths of an inch, and the length, in inches. Thus, a 15 x 2 1/4 sac is 15/64ths of an inch outside diameter and 2 1/4 inches in length. Specific length is more critical in necked sacs as straight sacs can be trimmed to any desired length. The straight sacs should be fitted into the pen to determine the correct length. We manufacture the sacs the longest possible length so they may be used in the greatest number of applications.

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